The PicMe Project: The Havlovick Family

Good things tend to happen to Anne and Rob in a year’s time.  Rob proposed after a year of dating Anne, and they just passed their 10 year wedding anniversary.  A year after they become certified to be foster adoptive parents, William, a teenager, came to live with them.  After a year of living with them, William’s adoption finalized.  “Rob and I knew we had instantly fallen in love with him,” says Anne of her first encounter as a foster parent to William, now 15 years old. The Havlovicks play tennis together, ski, bike, and enjoy movie nights. You would be hard-pressed to identify anything about the family that alludes to the way they met; it seems like they have been together forever, and one would never guess that William had been a foster child. As PicMe Network Coordinator, Anne volunteers for the program because she wants to help children in foster care, children who, due to no fault of their own, are in the system. The network allows her to share information about each PicMe child in a more focused way, both through social media to friends and family, and engaging other ‘networkers’ who join Anne in spreading the word. “People should put themselves in the place of these children”, Anne said, “and The PicMe Project gives them a window into these kids, in a 60 second slideshow, to prove just how great they are.”

To learn more about adoption or to join The PicMe Network, email

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The PicMe Project: Anna

Kristanna who prefers to be called “Anna” is a sweet sixteen year old. She has a beautiful smile with big, bright, blue eyes that sparkle. She has a heart for others and hopes to become a nurse. Anna is currently in the 10th grade. She prefers the quiet of the country and enjoys the outdoors, especially when it comes to roller skating and swimming. Like many teenage girls, shopping is a favorite pastime. Anna is an avid music lover and particularly enjoys listening to country and pop. Anna has been in foster care since 2005, and currently resides in a group home.  We hope to find Anna a loving family who can provide her support and guidance, as she becomes a young adult.

To learn more about Anna and adoption: email

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The PicMe Project: Jaheim

Jaheim is quirky, funny, and charismatic. He has a huge personality for an 12 year old. His naturally outgoing nature allows him to freely express and to talk to anyone he meets. He enjoys interacting with others and has no problem conversing about various topics ranging from school, activities with friends, movies, to his favorite computer game. Jaheim also enjoys many sports and activities. Some of his favorite activities include basketball, football, and swimming. He also enjoys singing and photography. He is an aspiring photographer and would like to learn the tricks of the trade to perfect his craft. Many who know Jaheim know he is very family oriented. He values his relationship with family members, especially his paternal grandmother and older brother. Jaheim would like nothing more to have a forever family that would help Jaheim to keep these bonds with his biological family, while making him an important member of their family. Social workers feel Jaheim would thrive best in a forever family where he is the only or youngest child because he longs for having loving attention from parents. He needs a forever family that is loving, affectionate, and supportive. To learn more about Jaheim and adoption: email

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The PicMe Project: Krishana

In many ways, Krishana is the typical image that one has of a teenage girl. She floats between childhood and young adulthood and yet she doesn’t quite dwell in either world. On the one hand, she will try to convince you that she is very sophisticated as she talks about taking selfies and boys. On the other hand, she still prefers to sleep with a night light or sleep on the floor of her foster sister’s room. Those who know her best feel that she would really thrive and blossom in a family that is able to provide her with unwavering commitment, loving guidance, a nurturing environment, and most importantly, their time and attention.

To learn more about adoption, or to join the PicMe Network, please email

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